Brandstorm, Guest Designer at the 10th Internationale Design Saint-Etienne in the Footwork Exhibit

10th Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, ‪March 9 – April 9, 2017.

Discover the city of Detroit, guest of honor.


Brandstorm is delighted to announce that its collection of furniture and lighting designs has been selected by the city of Detroit, guest of honor, to be displayed in the Footwork exhibit and several locations of the 2017 Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne.

Our architecture design projects have made us travel extensively between Europe and Detroit and we forged various links along the way. It is quite naturally that the DC3 organizing committee asked us to assist them in the various aspects of the organization behind their presence as  the city of Detroit being guest of honor.

Alongside a selection of designs made in Detroit, one of our desks will serve as co-working space in the Footwork exhibit, another one will serve as platform to showcase various items for sale in the Shop and our ceiling lamps will provide decorative lighting in the ShiftSpace area.

Brandstorm’s relationship with the city of Detroit started in 2000, with the Fossil Group and later on the Shinola brand collaborations.

Brandstorm, a brand architect studio based in Geneva, Switzerland, hosted a «brand architecture» lecture at the Detroit College for Creative Studies and exhibited its made in Detroit designs during the Detroit Design Festival, in September 2015.

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne – Discover the city of Detroit, guest of honor.


Discover our catalog of tables and accessories, designed in Switzerland and locally produced in Europe and USA




10e Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, ‪du 9 Mars au 9 Avril 2017.

Le comité d’organisation de la ville de Detroit, invité d’honneur de la 10eme Biennale de St Etienne(FR), a sélectionné brandstorm pour exposer sa ligne de bureau made in Detroit.

Découvrez la ville de Detroit, invité d’honneur.


Brandstorm est heureux d’annoncer que sa collection de mobilier et d’éclairage a été choisie par la ville de Detroit, invité d’honneur, pour être exposée dans l’exposition Footwork et plusieurs autres lieux de la Biennale Internationale Design 2017 de Saint-Etienne.

Nos projets d’architecture et de design nous ont fait beaucoup voyager entre l’Europe et Detroit et avec le temps nous avons établi plusieurs liens sur place. C’est tout naturellement que DC3, le comité organisateur nous a demandé de les assister à l’organisation quant à la présence de la ville de Detroit comme invité d’honneur.

Avec une sélection de designs fabriqués à Detroit, notre bureau servira d’espace de co-working dans l’exposition Footwork, un autre servira de plate-forme pour la présentation de divers articles à la vente dans la Boutique et nos lampes fourniront l’éclairage d’ambiance dans le ShiftSpace.

La relation qui existe entre Brandstorm et la ville de Détroit a commencé en 2000 avec la collaboration des marques Fossil et ensuite Shinola.

Brandstorm, l’atelier d’architecture de marque basé à Genève, en Suisse, a donné une conférence sur le thème de l’architecture de marque au Detroit College for Creative Studies et a exposé ses designs dans le cadre du Detroit Design Festival, en septembre 2015.

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne – Découvrez la ville de Detroit, invité d’honneur.


affiche Biennale Saint Etienne

Brandstorm presents X-Pand at the 16e edition of Designers’ Saturday November 5-6, 2016 !

Designed in Switzerland and manufactured locally by our partners worldwide in Michigan for the US, Milan for Europe and Geneva for Switzerland and so on, the X-Pand project is based on an ethical approach in its human-centered design, and socially and environmentally responsible design process.


Discover our collection of tables and accessories



Sometime ago, we decided that we needed a new office for our architects and designers. We put in place a great architectural concept but just couldn’t find office furniture that would fit our brief. We looked everywhere on the market but the perfect office table for us just didn’t exist. So we decided to create our own. What started off as a team-building project became the foundation for the X-Pand project.

With its simple design language, just proportions and great functionality, X-Pand began to attract a series of our existing clients from diverse industries. Today, we are proud to have given X-Pand a life of its own, in the generation of a seed from which stems a good number of our commercial interior architecture projects. X-Pand is more than just a table, it is the basis for the organisation of flexible workspaces that evolve with the working team. With X-Pand, we have found a design product that also inspires the hand-in-hand development with our clients of an equally dynamic and practical work environment all-around.

Join us at our booth at Designers’ Saturday for a cup of Carasso coffee from Geneva and discover the longest table in the world, a colorful wonderland for your children and beautiful Swiss-made custom Terrazzo surfaces by our partner Helfer SA.

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, Brandstorm brand architects dedicates its creativity in defining architectural codes which are unique to each brand. Since 2002 the studio has been a forerunner in the development of brand architecture concepts and retail design.

Movado_01 (2)


Contemporary art exhibition gallery, Baselworld 2015.

brandstorm was tasked to create an art exhibition gallery in the Movado Hall of Baselworld, that would be flexible enough to welcome artworks from diverse artists and various forms of artistic expressions during the annual fair. Chul Hyun Ahn’s « Perceiving Infinity » sculptures involving light technology were featured in 2014, followed by Joel Sternfeld’s « American Prospects » photographic work exposed in March 2015.

Movado_01 (2)



Brand architecture and interior design, Geneva 2014-2015.

We created a warm and welcoming gateway for Geneva’s international business and leisure visitors, where each guest can create his/her own program supported by the latest interactive technology and a personalized information service.

The architectural challenge laid in keeping the overall atmosphere inviting, while doubling the available space, proposing acoustic solutions and introducing a new retail space dedicated to merchandising.




Corporate headquarters inauguration, New York 2015.

Located in the iconic Empire State building, the reception area for the new Bulova headquarters is designed by brandstorm to celebrate the return of the company to its roots. We take our inspiration in the history of the brand, whereas Bulova was originally located on Maiden Lane in lower Manhattan, then the nucleus of New York City’s jewelry industry in the late 1800s.

brandstorm was tasked with designing a reception area that reflects the open culture of Bulova, a component of the company’s DNA and mission statement. This open floor plan will reflect and encourage creativity, as well as the sharing of ideas, across the Company and its departments, with its business partners and visitors.




New format magazine launch, Baselworld 2015.

Behind-the-scene Interview article about all that is invisible to the eye about the conception, yearly build-up and dismantling of various booths and vitrine animation concepts, for our clients to showcase their products in the best possible brand environment year-after-year at Baselworld.




Visual merchandising development and installation, SIHH 2015.

For the visual merchandising theme at SIHH 2015, brandstorm put into place a 3D play of light and shadow, in a scenography of superimposed layers of laser-cut acrylic and aluminium panels derived from images of the watch manufacture, showcasing the watches in an immersive environment.




Lecture and presentation, Düsseldorf, Germany, EUROSHOP 2014.

During Euroshop 2014, brandstorm took part in the lecture « Brand architecture: future trends in international stand design ». Reflecting about the current market of retail and trade marketing, trade show platforms position themselves not only for product launches but also as real-size test labs exploring future trends in retail design. Deriving from a saturated market where brands are constantly striving for differentiation, brandstorm translates the specificity of each into a unique retail universe.

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