Brandstorm presents X-Pand at the 16e edition of Designers’ Saturday November 5-6, 2016 !

Designed in Switzerland and manufactured locally by our partners worldwide in Michigan for the US, Milan for Europe and Geneva for Switzerland and so on, the X-Pand project is based on an ethical approach in its human-centered design, and socially and environmentally responsible design process.


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Sometime ago, we decided that we needed a new office for our architects and designers. We put in place a great architectural concept but just couldn’t find office furniture that would fit our brief. We looked everywhere on the market but the perfect office table for us just didn’t exist. So we decided to create our own. What started off as a team-building project became the foundation for the X-Pand project.

With its simple design language, just proportions and great functionality, X-Pand began to attract a series of our existing clients from diverse industries. Today, we are proud to have given X-Pand a life of its own, in the generation of a seed from which stems a good number of our commercial interior architecture projects. X-Pand is more than just a table, it is the basis for the organisation of flexible workspaces that evolve with the working team. With X-Pand, we have found a design product that also inspires the hand-in-hand development with our clients of an equally dynamic and practical work environment all-around.

Join us at our booth at Designers’ Saturday for a cup of Carasso coffee from Geneva and discover the longest table in the world, a colorful wonderland for your children and beautiful Swiss-made custom Terrazzo surfaces by our partner Helfer SA.

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, Brandstorm brand architects dedicates its creativity in defining architectural codes which are unique to each brand. Since 2002 the studio has been a forerunner in the development of brand architecture concepts and retail design.