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Custom-designed furniture and corporate offices interior design, Geneva 2015. brandstorm custom-designed office desks, consoles, meeting room tables and acoustic elements for the specific use of office business aim to improve the office space of this trading business company, throughout the reception area, meeting rooms and private offices. More information about our collection of tables and […]


Contemporary art exhibition gallery, Baselworld 2015. brandstorm was tasked to create an art exhibition gallery in the Movado Hall of Baselworld, that would be flexible enough to welcome artworks from diverse artists and various forms of artistic expressions during the annual fair. Chul Hyun Ahn’s « Perceiving Infinity » sculptures involving light technology were featured in 2014, […]


Brand architecture and interior design, Geneva 2014-2015. We created a warm and welcoming gateway for Geneva’s international business and leisure visitors, where each guest can create his/her own program supported by the latest interactive technology and a personalized information service. The architectural challenge laid in keeping the overall atmosphere inviting, while doubling the available space, […]


Corporate headquarters inauguration, New York 2015. Located in the iconic Empire State building, the reception area for the new Bulova headquarters is designed by brandstorm to celebrate the return of the company to its roots. We take our inspiration in the history of the brand, whereas Bulova was originally located on Maiden Lane in lower […]


New format magazine launch, Baselworld 2015. Behind-the-scene Interview article about all that is invisible to the eye about the conception, yearly build-up and dismantling of various booths and vitrine animation concepts, for our clients to showcase their products in the best possible brand environment year-after-year at Baselworld.


Visual merchandising development and installation, SIHH 2015. For the visual merchandising theme at SIHH 2015, brandstorm put into place a 3D play of light and shadow, in a scenography of superimposed layers of laser-cut acrylic and aluminium panels derived from images of the watch manufacture, showcasing the watches in an immersive environment.


Lecture and presentation, Düsseldorf, Germany, EUROSHOP 2014. During Euroshop 2014, brandstorm took part in the lecture « Brand architecture: future trends in international stand design ». Reflecting about the current market of retail and trade marketing, trade show platforms position themselves not only for product launches but also as real-size test labs exploring future trends in retail […]


Exhibition of 11 years of brand architecture by brandstorm, Design Days 2013. Participating to the Off program of the 2013 Design Days exhibition in the Sicli building in Geneva, from 26-29 September 2013, brandstorm benefited from a large crowd of visitors at its « Eleven Years of Brand Archiecture » show in the iconic Arcoop nearby building. […]